Some files to test your connection speed

Files Size Detail
200.jpg 200k Picture
400.jpg 400K Picture
500.jpg 500K Picture
600.jpg 600K Picture
800.jpg 800K Picture
Test page 1 5,189,701 bytes 200 pictures at 25kb
Test page 2 434642 bytes 200 pictures at 1990 bytes
Astra Proxy 1.01.0000 7.56M English version
Installation guide for the software 3.6M French version
Installation guide for the software 2.1M English version
Astra Net 1.00.0004 8.4M French version
Pictures/ - Pictures
Fedora core 3 cd1 646M ISO
Fedora core 3 cd2 668M ISO
Fedora core 3 cd3 667M ISO
Fedora core 3 cd4 404M ISO
Fedora core 2 cd1 667M ISO
Fedora core 2 cd2 666M ISO
Fedora core 2 cd3 669M ISO
Fedora core 2 cd4 203M ISO
CentOs 6.3 DVD1 59M ISO
CentOs 6.3 DVD2 1.5GB ISO
Big test file1 1.5GB ISO
Big test file2 1.5GB ISO
Big test file3 1.5GB ISO
ASTRA2Connect_EN.wmv 418M WMV
ASTRA2Connect_DE.wmv 418M WMV
500 megabytes file 500M (219 · 1000 bytes) Random-generated
1 gigabyte file 1G (220 · 1000 bytes) Random-generated
4 gigabytes file 4G (222 · 1000 bytes) Random-generated
10 gigabytes file 10G Random-generated